Elegant Titles and SEO Meta Tags in Rails

One of the best things about Rails is its powerful templating system which logically split the view into layouts, views, and partials, and makes creating great sites a snap. But this template approach makes it difficult to create dynamic <title> </title> tags, as you can't easily alter your layout file from within a view.

In this tutorial, we explore an elegant way of rendering dynamic title tags and SEO meta tags on a page-by-page basis, while optionally allowing the tags to fall back on pre-defined defaults when left unspecified.

Titles and SEO Tags for Rails 5: A Better Way

Years ago, when I first started coding in Rails, I wrote a blog post about handling titles and meta tags in a Rails app. While it was a good solution for the time, it is a woefully outdated approach for the world of Rails 5. Here is a better way.